You must have seen people wanting to know the symptoms of coronavirus to effectively avoid getting sick because knowing the symptoms is an effective preventative measure — seeing signs and doing the right thing to avoid further damage. This is true in all cases like diagnosing brake faults.

Identifying signs of brake problems is very crucial for your safety, this brake maintenance is something you need to avoid overlooking. Small problems can cost you your loved ones or even your life. If you are experiencing issues, it is important to consult the experts like brake repair Lexington NC and seek their advice.

Luckily for homeowners, brake problems do not manifest in very harmful ways; they also manifest in harmless indications so you still have chances in fixing your car break.

The following are the indications that your car may be experiencing brake faults and damages:

1. Noises – noises can vary from small to loud noises. There are also three kinds of noises you need to be cautious of, which are the following:

Hitting the break and you hear a grinding sound – there are possible reasons for this such as some rock or gravel were caught (which is easy to remedy) or your pads have worn out and now needs replacement. When the latter happens, you need to immediately fix the issue as while it can be costly, waiting too long for a repair can be more expensive. You also need to take into account the possibility that your break needs more lubrication if it does a metallic grinding sound.

Squealing while driving – when you heal a squealing sound while you are on the road it is mostly because the pad is worn out. If this happens, fix and/or replace your pad.

2. Bouncing When You Short Stop – while can indicate brake issues, it is more likely that your shock absorber is faulty and needed to be repaired. You need to immediately fix it and ask for professional help.

3. Spongy Brake Pedal – a typical brake should not be soft or feeling spongy when pressed down by the foot. When the breaks immediately sink down, this is a critical indicator that you have a serious issue on your break. Stop driving and immediately call a professional service to fix the damage right away.

4. Burning Smell – when you notice a burnt smell when you drive, it may indicate a lot of possible reasons including a brake issue. Fix it immediately. If you see some smoke coming out. Stop driving, get out in the car, and seek professional help.

5. The Brake Light is On – the most indicative of break issue is when the brake light is one. In fact, it is made for this specific purpose. You need to ensure that the brake is fully released to identify if it is the problem.

There are still other signs of a brake problem and we have enumerated them all for your reference:

  • Scraping or wobbling when braking
  • Fluid leakage
  • Car pulling sideward when breaking

Again, if you notice any of these signs, it is advised that you let the professional service diagnose and repair the issue